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Sell Easily | FREE Confidential Quote | No Hassle! | ZERO Fees | No Repairs Needed | No Open Houses | We pay All Closing Costs | We close FAST! 

What kind of people sell to Help Us Help You, Inc.? 

Many people from all walks of life sell to Help Us Help You, Inc. and there may be lots of reasons why you would need to or just want to sell your property to us as well

It could be a job relocation. There might be structural issues on your property that you don’t want to deal with, or you’ve inherited a property that’s too far away to manage and you just don’t want to deal with it. Many other reasons include: 

Wanting to Avoid Foreclosure because of delinquent mortgage payments 

Wanting to get rid of a problematic rental property 

Needing to sell due to Divorce

Property needs too many repairs to sell through a Realtor 

Wanting to get out of high mortgage payments 

Wanting to sell “As-Is” 

Needing money for medical bills 

Needing to Downsize quickly 

Unable to pay a balloon – an adjustable interest rate that increased 

Can’t afford to be a Landlord anymore 

Don’t want to be a Landlord anymore 

Back Taxes 

HOA Liens 

Mechanic Liens 

Various Judgments 

Job Loss – Sudden unemployment 

Bad tenants 

Expensive repairs 

Vacant Property 

Can’t wait months or years to sell through a Realtor  

Death in the family and can’t afford to keep property 

Don’t want to deal with Property Showings  

Unable to make repairs that will be requested by traditional buyers 

Any reason 

Help Us Help You, Inc. is the perfect solution for qualified property owners looking for a quick and easy way to sell their house and get cash in their hands quickly

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