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Sell Easily | FREE Confidential Quote | No Hassle! | ZERO Fees | No Repairs Needed | No Open Houses | We pay All Closing Costs | We close FAST! 

Help Us Help You, Inc.’s straightforward, streamlined process makes selling exciting and easy and will put cash in your pocket as quickly as possible  

Complete the form below and tell us about your property –

We will analyze your property based on the information that you provide

If your property meets our buying criteria, we’ll virtually view your property and present you with a written

within 24-48 hours

Sign our Sales Offer Agreement and we will set up a closing date with you

Come to the Closing, Sign the remaining documents and hand over the keys, the garage remote and any warranties to the property

That’s it! That’s the end of the selling process!

We will close at a local, reputable, licensed, title company as quickly as possible, so you’ll get cash in your pocket in just a few short days, and as always, Help Us Help You, Inc. will pay ALL of your closing costs and we don’t charge fees, so there is no need to bring ANY money to the closing.

When you get to the closing, the title company will have you sign the remaining documents and will pay off your mortgage if you have one, and any liens that you may have on your property. The rest of the money will go to you.

Afterward, you can expect to receive your money via a bank wire in 1 business day.

You may request a check from the title company but just keep in mind that banks typically place holds on large checks and this is why title companies prefer to wire the money directly to your bank account.

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