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Help Us Help You, Inc. is taking every precautionary measure to protect the health and safety of our clients and employees by following all of the local guidelines for COVID-19. Our staff will mostly do virtual visits to view properties. That’s right! In most cases, no home visit is necessary!

What is a Virtual Visit and is it safe with COVID-19 being active?

A Virtual Visit is when Help Us Help You, Inc. looks at your property via a video. We do a video walkthrough of your property to determine the value. We invite you to opt into the video and then walk us around your house with you holding your cell phone, tablet, or laptop, so we can tour your house. Our method is very safe, and it saves lots of time.

Will I have to buy any special equipment?

All you’ll have to do is download an app and then simply use your cell phone, tablet or laptop to video chat with us so we can view your property. In some cases, you may need a flashlight if your electricity is not on or if the house is very dark and that’s all. So, as you can see, Help Us Help You, Inc.’s Process is very Fast, Safe and Easy!

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