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Get Top Dollar | Sell “As Is” | No Repairs, Cleanings or Showings | ZERO Fees | No Financing Delays | We Pay ALL of Your Closing Costs | We Close Quickly! |

Help Us Help You, Inc. buys everything in “as-is” condition as long as the property meets our buying criteria

We specialize in helping you sell your property off-market for the highest price, without you having to make any repairs to it

When you sell your property “as-is” to Help Us Help You, Inc., there’s no clean-up or repairs, no showings, open houses, or uncertainty, and you can sell “as-is” without listing your home in the MLS 

What Does Selling Your Home As-Is Mean? 

To sell your home “as-is” means that you are selling your house in its current condition, with the understanding that you will not be making any repairs and that you will be selling your property with all of its faults and issues. Just keep in mind that your property will still need to meet our buying criteria  

On the other hand, selling your home “as-is” does not mean you are no longer required to answer questions openly and honestly concerning existing issues. In other words, you still must disclose the true condition of your property

As a Homeowner, you are legally obligated to answer any questions about the current condition of your property

That means that you are forbidden from hiding or downplaying any defects or issues that you have encountered and have not repaired

In general, you should disclose any known facts about the physical condition of your property such as the existence of any dangerous materials, dangerous conditions, any lawsuits or pending matters, inspection reports, or any other factors that may influence our buying decision

Other examples of specific issues that you have to disclose are structural defects and cracks in the foundation, bug and pest damage, and major plumbing or electrical issues, previous improvements, renovations or upgrades, as well as any work/repairs/improvements that were done with or without permits

Other items of standard disclosures include the existence of pets on the property, roof leaks (current or past), any termite issues, any neighborhood nuisances, any history of property line disputes, zoning changes and whether there are any defects or malfunctions with major systems (ie: such as Furnace or A/C) or any issues with appliances

When selling your home “as-is”, it can definitely be tempting to downplay the extent of any damage there may be throughout your house to try and get a higher offer

FYI… it is illegal for a seller to fraudulently conceal major physical defects of the property

It is fully understood that some sellers may feel hesitant to reveal any minor or major problems with their home – because the seller is afraid they’ll scare off buyers but here’s a warning to sellers… purposely concealing issues may land you in legal trouble if you fail to disclose all known material facts

So, as you can see, withholding information can actually end up doing you more harm than good, so remember to be honest and let us know every defect that you know about your property, including title issues, liens, and back taxes 

Knowing this information will not necessarily detour us from making you a FREE Cash Offer but will help us make you a better FREE Cash Offer 

Inasmuch, when you sell your home “as-is” to Help Us Help You, Inc. for cash, you get to bypass all of the expensive repairs, realtor fees, and closing costs, and the sale will happen so much faster  

Also, you should keep in mind that if your house is in poor condition, it will NOT qualify for traditional funding. Therefore it will have to be sold for cash

With traditional selling, your property has to be in good enough shape to pass a home inspection and there’s a lot of waiting involved while you’re constantly hoping that your home sparks interest in a buyer

On top of that, the banks are notorious for dragging their feet throughout the entire process when it comes to buyers taking out loans but with Help Us Help You, Inc. you don’t have to worry about that because we use cash to purchase all properties

You can get started by completing our FREE Cash Offer form below and if your property meets our criteria, we will virtually view your property

Then, we will make you a FREE Cash Offer in 24-72 hours. To accept our offer and move forward with the selling process, simply sign the agreement and email it back to us and then we will arrange for closing

That means you could have money in your pocket just a few days after contacting us

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