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Sell Easily | FREE Confidential Quote | No Hassle! | ZERO Fees | No Repairs Needed | No Open Houses | We pay All Closing Costs | We close FAST! 

Sell your land the easy way! Get a Fair Price & Fast Cash!

Help Us Help You, Inc. buys all types of land from small lots in a neighborhood to multiple acres. It can also be residential or commercial, urban or rural, and everything in between such as:

Greenfield /Agricultural Land

Greenfield land refers to undeveloped land such as a farm or pasture. Within this bucket would be different types of agricultural land as well, like orchards, animal farms, ranches, and more.

Infill Land

Infill land is located in a city that has already been developed but is now vacant. Infill is strictly associated with the development of real estate in urban locations.

Brownfield Land

Brownfields are parcels of land previously used for industrial or commercial purposes but are now available for re-use.

These properties are generally environmentally impaired, or at the least, are suspected of being so due to previous commercial uses.

If you’ve got land to sell, Help Us Help You, Inc. is ready to buy it!

We can give you a Free–Fast–No Obligation offer by viewing your land on Google Maps.

What to Expect:

We pay all the fees, yes ALL, even mailing.

We cover escrow and title charges, recording fees, and all the other closing costs.

We handle all the paperwork: title processing, recording, and closing.

You’ll receive an agreement and closing docs to sign and once you sign them, you will get paid.

Fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

We’ll perform an analysis on the property to determine the amount we can offer you.

Once you accept the offer, we’ll email you documents that you can sign online.

We’ll open escrow and arrange for closing.

Come to Closing to sign the remaining documents and Collect your money.

That simple! That’s the end of the process!

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