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Divorce is sometimes messy and almost always a stressful process and for most, the greatest financial asset to liquidate during a divorce is a house

Either the couple comes to a mutual agreement on how to divide the equity, or it’s decided by lawyers and a judge

Nevertheless, in order for all parties to access their equity and part ways, the house must be sold and the proceeds split equitably between two parties

Here are the most common options available when you need to sell your house due to divorce: 

Traditional Property Sale 
Listing your property for sale with a real estate agent is one option to consider. This option can seem attractive if you are looking to hold your property for a while but many factors can complicate the process: 

Selling your house the traditional way can take several months and even years. Also, most buyers will finance their property purchases. So, it will take 30 days for the Lender to approve your buyer

You’ll have to worry about property inspections and potentially renegotiating the price of your property depending on what the inspections uncover

Also, if the buyer’s financing falls through because your property won’t pass inspection due to repairs that are needed, the cycle of showings, negotiations, inspections, and finance approval starts all over again

At numerous steps along the way, a traditional property sale will require both spouses to come together and agree on certain things: from choosing a real estate agent, the price to list the house for, and whether or not to accept the terms of a particular offer from a buyer 

When divorcing spouses no longer agree about much of anything, each one of these events can become a flashpoint and serve to reopen wounds

As you can see, emotions can quickly complicate or even sabotage the property sale

Real estate commissions are typically six percent of the sale price of the property. If you’re in the middle of a divorce and looking for a clean break, real estate commissions and closing costs can take a significant chunk out of the equity you’re counting on to start over

For many, the best option is to sell to Help Us Help You, Inc.  

Here are some advantages of selling your property to Help Us Help You, Inc.

Speed: Sell Your House Fast 
If you just want to put the whole ordeal of divorce behind you, divide up your assets and move on, selling to Help Us Help You, Inc. could be a great option

Help Us Help You, Inc. takes the stress out of selling and makes the process incredibly simple

Since Help Us Help You, Inc. pays cash for all properties and aren’t financing the purchase of your property, there will be no financing delays like there is with a traditional sale 

Help Us Help You, Inc. typically buys properties and close on them in as little as 7 business days

When you sell to Help Us Help You, Inc. you don’t have to worry about doing repairs or fixing up your property for showings, which makes for a much faster selling process

Also, there will be No: Repairs Necessary, Closing Costs, Commissions, or Fees to pay and Help Us Help You, Inc. buys ALL properties in “as-is” condition as long as the property meets our buying criteria


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